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Extremely grateful for 2B Organised's help when faced with a mammoth task in decluttering and reorganising my home. Julie-Ann's patient and calm presence was crucial in helping me achieve organised, usable and tidy spaces. She gave me the strategies to continually apply and the inspiration to instill new habits, benefiting me at work and at home!

2B Organised assisted with a rationalisation and clean-up of the office/library area in my house. Years of accumulation of tertiary teaching/lecturing materials, research papers and resources for my work history as a family psychotherapist, academic, agency head, and consultant to Government departments and tribunals swelled my office to bursting point. My vast library, likewise, was unmanageable. I was loathe to let go of some of my major reference works - even though I am now retired. Julie-Ann helped my wife and I to let go of the props from the past, and embrace a less cluttered future. Julie-Ann was respectful, gentle but firm, rational, and staged the decluttering in such a way that she talked us through the process as we worked through our "collection". We now have a respectable and ordered office/library, and a new rationale for future culls, and reorganisation of our belongings.

Seriously best decision ever to get 2B Organised's help at a time when I felt the task ahead was impossible! Julie-Ann guided me through at my pace, sorting and decluttering, freeing up a lot of space. No more junk piles, instead an organised room being used properly!

For so long I thought I could do it myself, but we accomplished things together I would never have done without your help! Thank you! I feel less cluttered, more efficient, have more space and have gained peace of mind.

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